Nike is the special equipment of mountaineering

Now, the outdoor market and professional brand, low-cost brand market is bigger, because they did not, the concept of fancy, more professional, so,Chaussures Sports some professional appearance is not strong, but the appearance, imitation products company, because of good and channels of cheap price, market more, for instance: he is completely copy camels, no other brand is good, because the channel technology, low prices, therefore, the market do better than the north big etc, because there is no professional concept, so that the Chinese are put shoes when the almighty, zou badminton shoes on many people wear shoes play, so, for them, outdoor shoe is omnipotent, Air Shoeswhat sports shoes will use!
Outdoor sports, board is they are interacting with no imagination, the big, especially in the China market.The climbing gear, Nike attia is special series, in the Chinese market to Nike these outdoor series! ACG Also belongs to the charge of!

The brand of clothing also has the function, and fast drying speed dry clothing is basically the same thing, but they from different angles, attia Nike pay more attention to exercise some, so they use more resilient to do as ammonia, more self-cultivation, movement of some, but some outdoor brands, such as Columbia, north,nike tn claws are they on pure outdoor, more leisure, use more is qualitative, polyester fabrics are strong sex without using much sports brand! Speed dry clothing can usually come in, because he usually quick dry function, also has the function such as resistant, wears very convenient!



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