Nike, adidas authenticity distinguish method

nike tnadidas authenticity distinguish method

First is how to analyze NIKE shoes Numbers, 2001 and 2002, before a few Numbers of the shoes
Introduce schematic diagram. In 2000, the AIR FLIGHPOSITE KG, production lines in painting pictures please note:
(1) : origin, beauty IN TAIWAN, but wang production is interesting but mostly the shoebox NIKE beauty IN USA American goods.
(2) : production date, "000911" representative in September 2000 - November production factory.
(3) : production factories Numbers, "PC8" is the factory in Taiwan, Air ShoesNIKE sample and the most posite shoes are here.
4: the size of your shoes.
5: this is our main introduction of 9 number!

The nine item is 830196-002, we should put it into three parts, respectively (a) is 830, 196 (second), (3), code 002 below me one.

The trouble of digital mean is the function of shoes series, these three categories of representing significance are as follows:

[I]] : 35925bc72c beginning first digital means is: [/ 35925bc72c] :
If it is a "1" on behalf of the general market, shoes, with the most early shoes.
If is "4" represents the SAMPLE version: shoes.
If is "6" represents a chain: containing or exclusive sales of a style or color.
If is "7" represents: the shoes.
If is "8" represents: general shoes, enable listed in 1997.
If is "9" represents: a country or region limited edition.

In addition of 2, 3, 5 Numbers upper definition.

[I]] : 35925bc72c behind the two Numbers,Chaussures Sports is used to determine the series, specific as follows: [/ 35925bc72c] :
02: male indoor slow running shoes
03: female indoor slow running shoes
04: male slow running shoes
05: female slow running shoes
06: neutral running shoes
07: country road running shoes
09: male slow running shoes
10: men and women beach slippers
13: football shoes
15: metal nail shoes of baseball
16: football shoes (detachable type),
17: men and women and children's beach slippers
18: wrestling shoes
21: football shoes (multi-function type),
22: male ACG slide shoes
30: basketball shoe
31: women shoes
32: baby basketball shoes
34: jordans series (children),
35: jordans series (youth)
36: jordans series
37: women shoes
38: female ACG aquatic sports shoes
40: male tennis shoes
41: in order to shoe
42: male tennis shoes (restoring type),
43: in order to restore ancient ways) shoes (
44: men's shoes
48: female ACG shoes
50: babies shoes (not classified)
51: male children shoes (not classified)
52: female children shoes (classification)
53: male children (not classified)
54: female shoes (not classified)
58: volleyball shoes
65: male ACG boots
70: male multi-function shoes
71: female multi-function shoes
72: female rooters' shoes
73: male multifunctional practice shoes
74: female multifunctional practice shoes
75: male ACG shoes
78: weight training shoe
80: male tennis shoes
82: man walking shoes
83: male golf shoes
84: male ACG bicycle shoes
85: male ACG shoes
90: male ACG aquatic sports shoes
91: woman walking shoes
92: female golf shoes

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