pell shoes off shoe - - - - - - from production

Spell shoes is a false shoes!!!!!! Not what so-called original materials can be made a memorial of XX.
Spell by the designated factory is producing extra materials, steal materials,Air Shoes unqualified material (material also has chosen test), from the factory waste garbage pick to poor etc, then hides in a corner of the tools with spell out shoes.

Here, please note that part of shoes like together, so many people will really its impersonating factory shoes.

Note: 1, have sense of the person all know shoes is a complete process, nike tna so-called original materials (such as cushion) what is good quality is out with the aircraft carrier 502 sticky, cheat oneself also cheat others. But can say for sure, but also by the spelling shoes every part of the raw materials and auxiliary parts is not the sole 42 (such as the instep with 41). (of course also have strong can also set out to steal parts meticulous division I didn't also the words), why to see mark shoes, shoe ceded spell truth is here.

2, shoes, shoe is still false now seems a shout what material factory is taller, see the top of what will know it. Illegal steal materials, informal assembles, informal sales approach, Chaussures Sportsthe inferior quality, this is not what is false shoes? The red light district is a prostitute chicken?

Four, completely off his shoes: according to appearance, the replica of everybody knows what it is. (but false shoes have second) etc.

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