Cannes red catpet this year,compared with previous year, the chinese star slightly dimmer, only

Fan Bingbing, Li Lingyu, LinPeng and ziyu appear in the opening ceremony red carpet. However,

Fan Bingbing resolutely provoke a fashion flag of chinese, Cannes movie festival is a customize

stage for her.
According to the well-known fashion website--Red Carpet Fashion Awards hold a poll, the evening

which Miss Fan wore was attract all of people's eye. In the eight dresses she wear in

the main occasion, five dresses were listed in the first to third, and especially two dresses

were listed the first.Miss Fan debut 13 years never listed in the front line of actress, but the

only few tens of meters in the Cannes produce a international style.

Fan Bingbing first appear in Cannes with a adbanced customize robes, especially because a warmly

embrace from the president of Cannes movie festival make her the most talked female star in the

Because the usual red carpet dresses standards, Fan Bingbing select a unique robe with loong

character of thick chinese culture, her style was very gorgeous and sexy, absolutely the most

beautiful female star in the red carpet. Cosplay Sale THE gorgeous loong robe match with Cate Blanchett's

Eagle echoes similar with Phoenix, One is luxurious robes fitted with Chinese characteristics,

one is very black and white evening dress with Chinese characteristics, both of them were very





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