The evolution of modern Chinese clothing

Dress colour. In 1950s and 1960s su clothing ZhongShanZhuang, uniform heat in the 1970s, "green sea"."ticket" economy under the simple, practical, the formation of onefold colour camillas style.Air Shoes The material reflects the national level and the comprehensive national strength. In 1954, the countrywide by BuPiao supply cotton began. Three difficult period, XianYi dm25,000 pants, XianTan, blankets, towels are, sheets and towels, bath towel, and socks, sweaters, cotton, linen, vest, mosquito nets, pillow core, pillowcase textiles, all above supplies. By maintaining social economy ticket stable policy, which has greatly restricted the life of people. To adapt to this form a simple, practical, onefold colour camillas style.
"and" new patch "costume, three years old, the singer treadle 3 years". Wearing is simple as the center. When the clothes wear out, common practice in the clothes line, a color patch on the cloth, continue to wear appropriate. The economic conditions for poor people and the low level of national economy, it is very normal.Chaussures Sports In the middle of the twentieth century, dressed in patch or thought revolution and the symbol of progress, even is the important basis of investigation cadres.
City people; the clothing and small towns along the cities and the villages that path, which affects the expansion of Chinese clothing, become the mainstream.
culture to wear psychology and aesthetic ideas. People on the ideal of image recognition by Chinese costume culture connotation. China ", is "the laudatory name of decorum decent, traditional, demands attention and dignified, clothing styles, unwilling to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, not bright-coloured colour jump, advocating harmonious implicit tn Until after the reform and opening up, the characteristics of a breakthrough, the only "fashion" and "personalized" to become the important factor dress.



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