Nike's trademark design

NIKE this name, in western eyes is very lucky, and easy to read, very easy to call to ring. nike tn brand symbolizes the Greek goddess of victory, on behalf of the wings of the feather speed, also represents a dynamic and gentle. Nike's trademark design is a small, Nike hooks, modelling concise, nasty looked like lightning, let people thought of using Nike sports after speed and explosive. The first "Nike Air Shoesshoe" is to enhance the stability of convex grain square, shoes and lined with the knife, the wings of the goddess of symbol.
Nike is the world leader of sports and health products, 1962, bill of track and field athletes and coaches phil knight carry, predecessor is blue with sports supplies company. Blue ribbon sports company is Japan's tiger brand sneakers sales in the United States. Soon, the Greek goddess of Nike, named in the 1972 Olympic trials, then, a one-woman named carlow forest Davidson students designed a similar Swoosl1 marks, taking the wings so paid $35. Mark as background, Nike contours in lowercase italics said.
Company's goal is to become the leader, the shoes of light design technology innovation. NASA's former engineer frank Rudy research and design of the air QiDianXie called Nike, the technical innovation to Nike worldwide success.
Set the Nike promotion activities, the new image motion fashion in advertisement gave like Andre agassi, bobby Jackson and Michael Jordan such sports stars.Chaussures Sports In 1988, the Great Britain, Nike customer-groups competition spirit into one body advertisement, can still pass to Cenozoic advocated by way of life successfully occupied the market, sales soared. This symbol became a fashion popular symbols and spread all over the world.



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