The evolution of modern Chinese clothing

Dress colour. In 1950s and 1960s su clothing ZhongShanZhuang, uniform heat in the 1970s, "green sea"."ticket" economy under the simple, practical, the formation of onefold colour camillas style.Air Shoes The material reflects the national level and the comprehensive national strength. In 1954, the countrywide by BuPiao supply cotton began. Three difficult period, XianYi dm25,000 pants, XianTan, blankets, towels are, sheets and towels, bath towel, and socks, sweaters, cotton, linen, vest, mosquito nets, pillow core, pillowcase textiles, all above supplies. By maintaining social economy ticket stable policy, which has greatly restricted the life of people. To adapt to this form a simple, practical, onefold colour camillas style.
"and" new patch "costume, three years old, the singer treadle 3 years". Wearing is simple as the center. When the clothes wear out, common practice in the clothes line, a color patch on the cloth, continue to wear appropriate. The economic conditions for poor people and the low level of national economy, it is very normal.Chaussures Sports In the middle of the twentieth century, dressed in patch or thought revolution and the symbol of progress, even is the important basis of investigation cadres.
City people; the clothing and small towns along the cities and the villages that path, which affects the expansion of Chinese clothing, become the mainstream.
culture to wear psychology and aesthetic ideas. People on the ideal of image recognition by Chinese costume culture connotation. China ", is "the laudatory name of decorum decent, traditional, demands attention and dignified, clothing styles, unwilling to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, not bright-coloured colour jump, advocating harmonious implicit tn Until after the reform and opening up, the characteristics of a breakthrough, the only "fashion" and "personalized" to become the important factor dress.

Nike's trademark design

NIKE this name, in western eyes is very lucky, and easy to read, very easy to call to ring. nike tn brand symbolizes the Greek goddess of victory, on behalf of the wings of the feather speed, also represents a dynamic and gentle. Nike's trademark design is a small, Nike hooks, modelling concise, nasty looked like lightning, let people thought of using Nike sports after speed and explosive. The first "Nike Air Shoesshoe" is to enhance the stability of convex grain square, shoes and lined with the knife, the wings of the goddess of symbol.
Nike is the world leader of sports and health products, 1962, bill of track and field athletes and coaches phil knight carry, predecessor is blue with sports supplies company. Blue ribbon sports company is Japan's tiger brand sneakers sales in the United States. Soon, the Greek goddess of Nike, named in the 1972 Olympic trials, then, a one-woman named carlow forest Davidson students designed a similar Swoosl1 marks, taking the wings so paid $35. Mark as background, Nike contours in lowercase italics said.
Company's goal is to become the leader, the shoes of light design technology innovation. NASA's former engineer frank Rudy research and design of the air QiDianXie called Nike, the technical innovation to Nike worldwide success.
Set the Nike promotion activities, the new image motion fashion in advertisement gave like Andre agassi, bobby Jackson and Michael Jordan such sports stars.Chaussures Sports In 1988, the Great Britain, Nike customer-groups competition spirit into one body advertisement, can still pass to Cenozoic advocated by way of life successfully occupied the market, sales soared. This symbol became a fashion popular symbols and spread all over the world.

Nike is the special equipment of mountaineering

Now, the outdoor market and professional brand, low-cost brand market is bigger, because they did not, the concept of fancy, more professional, so,Chaussures Sports some professional appearance is not strong, but the appearance, imitation products company, because of good and channels of cheap price, market more, for instance: he is completely copy camels, no other brand is good, because the channel technology, low prices, therefore, the market do better than the north big etc, because there is no professional concept, so that the Chinese are put shoes when the almighty, zou badminton shoes on many people wear shoes play, so, for them, outdoor shoe is omnipotent, Air Shoeswhat sports shoes will use!
Outdoor sports, board is they are interacting with no imagination, the big, especially in the China market.The climbing gear, Nike attia is special series, in the Chinese market to Nike these outdoor series! ACG Also belongs to the charge of!

The brand of clothing also has the function, and fast drying speed dry clothing is basically the same thing, but they from different angles, attia Nike pay more attention to exercise some, so they use more resilient to do as ammonia, more self-cultivation, movement of some, but some outdoor brands, such as Columbia, north,nike tn claws are they on pure outdoor, more leisure, use more is qualitative, polyester fabrics are strong sex without using much sports brand! Speed dry clothing can usually come in, because he usually quick dry function, also has the function such as resistant, wears very convenient!

You want to catch vogue?

Most lets you surprised the fashionable young black lips and nails, like the castle of the witch, but his friends tell you, that is "Cool!" You how Kennedy moss-grown, immediately from head to foot, but suddenly found it already did not recognize who is a mirror go-between.NFL Jerseys You touch the face of tiny wrinkles out, surprised at all, not lax, to pursuit vogue process, you lose the most beautiful thing -- youth.After several trials in jeans become fashionable mark. When you put on a T-shirt, jeans, with Nike shoes, ready to breath away, you will suddenly found "indigo + white" combination has filled the whole city. Regardless of men, women and children, height is fat!
You certainly not ready ", "then began to capture colluding new fashion. You also found that the city has been the highlight some clothes, men and women whole monopoly is a Pierre card dan.famous suit or crocodile T-shirt, lady general "xianaier 5" perfume and eyeful into the monster's masterpiece,Chaussure de Sporthe price is sure to make it a group of people become fashionable pioneer. Your envy is self-evident, of course you are determined.
A year later, when you live out of all saved up for a brand, vanity to obtain the biggest satisfaction.
But recently, the cult of the strong wind yuppie has been replaced by the XiuXianFeng. Gosh, full of recreational! You feel overwhelmed, also don't know what is the true leisure.
A friend, leisure is "advice wooden hemp qualitative + + cream-colored + loose" button.
As you become, itching, fashion and changed. In Paris, milan to Tokyo, design masters to coincide the ground look to the late 1960s, the tattered bell-bottom trousers, nike tnthick shoes, shrink T-shirt and has become a new fashion. Punk rock and roll with non-mainstream, a so-called century's feelings. Dressed in a colorful and miniskirt dyed hair girl suddenly become fashionable ornament street.

Nike, adidas authenticity distinguish method

nike tnadidas authenticity distinguish method

First is how to analyze NIKE shoes Numbers, 2001 and 2002, before a few Numbers of the shoes
Introduce schematic diagram. In 2000, the AIR FLIGHPOSITE KG, production lines in painting pictures please note:
(1) : origin, beauty IN TAIWAN, but wang production is interesting but mostly the shoebox NIKE beauty IN USA American goods.
(2) : production date, "000911" representative in September 2000 - November production factory.
(3) : production factories Numbers, "PC8" is the factory in Taiwan, Air ShoesNIKE sample and the most posite shoes are here.
4: the size of your shoes.
5: this is our main introduction of 9 number!

The nine item is 830196-002, we should put it into three parts, respectively (a) is 830, 196 (second), (3), code 002 below me one.

The trouble of digital mean is the function of shoes series, these three categories of representing significance are as follows:

[I]] : 35925bc72c beginning first digital means is: [/ 35925bc72c] :
If it is a "1" on behalf of the general market, shoes, with the most early shoes.
If is "4" represents the SAMPLE version: shoes.
If is "6" represents a chain: containing or exclusive sales of a style or color.
If is "7" represents: the shoes.
If is "8" represents: general shoes, enable listed in 1997.
If is "9" represents: a country or region limited edition.

In addition of 2, 3, 5 Numbers upper definition.

[I]] : 35925bc72c behind the two Numbers,Chaussures Sports is used to determine the series, specific as follows: [/ 35925bc72c] :
02: male indoor slow running shoes
03: female indoor slow running shoes
04: male slow running shoes
05: female slow running shoes
06: neutral running shoes
07: country road running shoes
09: male slow running shoes
10: men and women beach slippers
13: football shoes
15: metal nail shoes of baseball
16: football shoes (detachable type),
17: men and women and children's beach slippers
18: wrestling shoes
21: football shoes (multi-function type),
22: male ACG slide shoes
30: basketball shoe
31: women shoes
32: baby basketball shoes
34: jordans series (children),
35: jordans series (youth)
36: jordans series
37: women shoes
38: female ACG aquatic sports shoes
40: male tennis shoes
41: in order to shoe
42: male tennis shoes (restoring type),
43: in order to restore ancient ways) shoes (
44: men's shoes
48: female ACG shoes
50: babies shoes (not classified)
51: male children shoes (not classified)
52: female children shoes (classification)
53: male children (not classified)
54: female shoes (not classified)
58: volleyball shoes
65: male ACG boots
70: male multi-function shoes
71: female multi-function shoes
72: female rooters' shoes
73: male multifunctional practice shoes
74: female multifunctional practice shoes
75: male ACG shoes
78: weight training shoe
80: male tennis shoes
82: man walking shoes
83: male golf shoes
84: male ACG bicycle shoes
85: male ACG shoes
90: male ACG aquatic sports shoes
91: woman walking shoes
92: female golf shoes

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pell shoes off shoe - - - - - - from production

Spell shoes is a false shoes!!!!!! Not what so-called original materials can be made a memorial of XX.
Spell by the designated factory is producing extra materials, steal materials,Air Shoes unqualified material (material also has chosen test), from the factory waste garbage pick to poor etc, then hides in a corner of the tools with spell out shoes.

Here, please note that part of shoes like together, so many people will really its impersonating factory shoes.

Note: 1, have sense of the person all know shoes is a complete process, nike tna so-called original materials (such as cushion) what is good quality is out with the aircraft carrier 502 sticky, cheat oneself also cheat others. But can say for sure, but also by the spelling shoes every part of the raw materials and auxiliary parts is not the sole 42 (such as the instep with 41). (of course also have strong can also set out to steal parts meticulous division I didn't also the words), why to see mark shoes, shoe ceded spell truth is here.

2, shoes, shoe is still false now seems a shout what material factory is taller, see the top of what will know it. Illegal steal materials, informal assembles, informal sales approach, Chaussures Sportsthe inferior quality, this is not what is false shoes? The red light district is a prostitute chicken?

Four, completely off his shoes: according to appearance, the replica of everybody knows what it is. (but false shoes have second) etc.

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