How to choose an evening dress

Each one of you should posses one or two evening dresses that can be worn on any occasion. You should choose the most extra ordinary evening dress, so that you are the charm of the party you going in. And for this, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time deciding what actually you need. Choose an outfit that will suit your personality and make you look both elegant and glamorous.

You need to take in a lot of things into consideration while buying an evening dress for yourself. Here are a few tips that will help you choose an evening dress:

First of all plan your budget and decide the amount you actually willing to spend. Once you know the amount you want to spend your task of choosing a dress becomes easy as then you tend to look in for dresses between that range only.

Then you can make a list of all the budget stores available for your requirements so that you save your time and energy by only visiting such stores. Pick a store that has exclusive designer wear.

Decide on the kind of style you want to go in for. Consult your friends to know about the latest trends they have come across.

If you are unable to decide which dress will suit you the best you can take help from your friends.

Choose neutral colors. Pastels, black, brown, earth tones these are mostly the colors that are considered classic. Some colors may not blend or go with your skin type. Choose something that will look good on you and fits you well.

Don't go in for flashy and bright colors if you are not confident whether you will be able to carry them off well or not.

The neck line affects your overall look. Choose a neck style that will suit your neck shape.

Your Robe de Soirée should not be loaded with accessories and beadworks.

Never choose a dress just because its in fashion, go in for something that will compliment your personality.

It is advisable to be never in a hurry while choosing a dress for yourself, you might end up making the wrong decision and buying the wrong dress. Keep yourself free from all tensions and be patient while on a hunt for an evening dress.


Cannes red catpet this year,compared with previous year, the chinese star slightly dimmer, only

Fan Bingbing, Li Lingyu, LinPeng and ziyu appear in the opening ceremony red carpet. However,

Fan Bingbing resolutely provoke a fashion flag of chinese, Cannes movie festival is a customize

stage for her.
According to the well-known fashion website--Red Carpet Fashion Awards hold a poll, the evening

which Miss Fan wore was attract all of people's eye. In the eight dresses she wear in

the main occasion, five dresses were listed in the first to third, and especially two dresses

were listed the first.Miss Fan debut 13 years never listed in the front line of actress, but the

only few tens of meters in the Cannes produce a international style.

Fan Bingbing first appear in Cannes with a adbanced customize robes, especially because a warmly

embrace from the president of Cannes movie festival make her the most talked female star in the

Because the usual red carpet dresses standards, Fan Bingbing select a unique robe with loong

character of thick chinese culture, her style was very gorgeous and sexy, absolutely the most

beautiful female star in the red carpet. Cosplay Sale THE gorgeous loong robe match with Cate Blanchett's

Eagle echoes similar with Phoenix, One is luxurious robes fitted with Chinese characteristics,

one is very black and white evening dress with Chinese characteristics, both of them were very



Ed Hardy brand introduction

Brand designer Christian Audigier has a reputation of "King of jeans", once Levi's and other

brands designer. And later bought TATOO patent of Don EdHardy, who was gadfather of tattoo, and

introduce the tattoo art into fashion world. Cheap shoes online He mixed retro punk element and street culture,

combine with tatoo art. When the godfather of tatoo encounter with jeans genius, two master

redefine the concept of "streetfashion", brilliant to create a brand character which full of

american sprit.
Ed Hardy clothing often use some embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a

feeling of decadent erosion, combine with eagle,tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers, and naked

women and other tatoo design from great master, chaussures pas cher making a series of clothes. And also have thick

eastern culture, such as carp, loong,tiger. So the clothes are very popular when they are

launched, especially the baseball hat with tattoo totem.
Ed Hardy is not only most young people' favorite, but also in Hollywood, Brittany Spears,

Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Ewan McGregor, Usher ...... and so on. Popular stars lead fashion

trend in Aisa also attracted by Ed Hardy, Rain love most retro punk and also a fan in private

life. BoA, Lee Min Yu, Jolin had appeared wearing Ed Hardy. NFL Jerseys We believe,the superb composition

and color-rich design of Ed Hardy makes a simple T-Shirt has become enjoyable, and Ed Hardy

boast variety of products, and even launched energy drink, people look forward to changing the

future of the color of Ed Hardy circumstances.

PANDORA was to create the latest lady's fashion sunglasses

Denmark was called "design kingdom",produced many well-known brands, this time I will introduce you a brand which is committed to create a Clothes Jeans timeless design for ladies--PANDORA.

Recently in its expansion of the jewelry series, PANDORA launched the elegant and fashionable sunglasses series.

The sunglasses series have a total of 6 different designer sunglasses designs, adhering to the brand focuses on the concept of product quality while also full of unique character. Elaborate the details of the deal to build in the next, showing simple fashion style. These products are expected in June on sale.


The evolution of modern Chinese clothing

Dress colour. In 1950s and 1960s su clothing ZhongShanZhuang, uniform heat in the 1970s, "green sea"."ticket" economy under the simple, practical, the formation of onefold colour camillas style.Air Shoes The material reflects the national level and the comprehensive national strength. In 1954, the countrywide by BuPiao supply cotton began. Three difficult period, XianYi dm25,000 pants, XianTan, blankets, towels are, sheets and towels, bath towel, and socks, sweaters, cotton, linen, vest, mosquito nets, pillow core, pillowcase textiles, all above supplies. By maintaining social economy ticket stable policy, which has greatly restricted the life of people. To adapt to this form a simple, practical, onefold colour camillas style.
"and" new patch "costume, three years old, the singer treadle 3 years". Wearing is simple as the center. When the clothes wear out, common practice in the clothes line, a color patch on the cloth, continue to wear appropriate. The economic conditions for poor people and the low level of national economy, it is very normal.Chaussures Sports In the middle of the twentieth century, dressed in patch or thought revolution and the symbol of progress, even is the important basis of investigation cadres.
City people; the clothing and small towns along the cities and the villages that path, which affects the expansion of Chinese clothing, become the mainstream.
culture to wear psychology and aesthetic ideas. People on the ideal of image recognition by Chinese costume culture connotation. China ", is "the laudatory name of decorum decent, traditional, demands attention and dignified, clothing styles, unwilling to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, not bright-coloured colour jump, advocating harmonious implicit tn Until after the reform and opening up, the characteristics of a breakthrough, the only "fashion" and "personalized" to become the important factor dress.
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